Consumer Information

The REA have developed two important guides to ensure buyers and sellers of residential property are provided with essential and accurate information about the buying and selling process. The Residential Property Agency Agreement Guide and The Residential Property Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide are available here.

Our office and salespeople are all licensed under the Real Estate Act 2008, and operate under the REA Code of Professional Conduct and Client Care. You can download and read the full code from the Real Estate Authority website:

Download REA code of professional conduct and client care here.

We welcome your feedback, whether it’s offering a suggestion or observation, or expressing satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service you have received from any of our salespeople.


Our Complaints Procedure

Should any complaints arise, we will take them very seriously. We have a clear process that we follow. If you have a complaint, please first contact our Licensee Michael Healy to discuss.

phone: 029 406 1289

You can place your feedback in writing using this form and forward this to our licensee.


Complaints Form

You can give your feedback directly to any of our staff, or forward it to our office or to the address, fax number or email below.

You can also contact the Real Estate Authority (REA) directly at any time in respect of a complaint. However, we encourage you to first contact us to find out how we can help. Details of the REA’s complaints process and their contact details can be found on the REA website


Far North Coastal Real Estate COVID-19 policy statement

The New Zealand Government has confirmed that the COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system) will be implemented from 12am Friday 3 December 2021 – with some areas moving into Red level and some in to Orange level.

In addition to this, they have announced further information about the vaccination mandate for some work industries. The Real Estate industry does not fall into the mandate and can operate following the guidelines the Real Estate Institute has laid out.

Rest assured that we are continuing conduct business safely. This includes continuing to measure, react, and improve wherever we can to ensure the safety of you and our team. We will be conforming to the guidelines set out by the following:

  • Ministry of Health guidelines
  • Covid-19 Protection Framework
  • The Real Estate Authority

The following is a summary of our current protection measures, which will operate through the red and orange traffic light levels:

  • Our team work remotely from home to minimise contact
  • Where possible, communication is conducted by phone, email, online video conferencing, and DocuSign for contract signing.
  • Our vehicles are regularly wiped with alcohol wipes and windows left down where possible
    Any employee who feels unwell with flu-like symptoms is required to be Covid tested and remain at home until they have 2 negative Covid tests 5 days apart
  • Should a client feel unwell with flu-like symptoms, please advise the team and we will postpone the meeting or arrange the meeting remotely.
  • Our team and clients will wear a mask while meeting in person
  • Hand sanitiser is available at all times
  • We will seek consent from the vendor for unvaccinated viewers to be onsite
  • We will endeavour to maintain a minimum of 1 metre distance from all persons
  • A record of all meetings will be documented which will include the name and phone number of each person. A QR Code will be used where possible.
  • House viewing will be managed to ensure only one group of viewers are in the house at one time.
  • Homeowners will be asked to leave the home while a viewing is occurring
  • Where there is an open home, there will be a limit of 25 people per house viewing

We acknowledge that the risks associated with COVID-19, and the measures that can be taken to mitigate or eliminate these risks, may change. To adapt and remain proactive we will regularly review these measures to ensure they reflect any new controls that become available in the future.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we implement these measures.


Far North Coastal Real Estate Ltd
P O Box 245, Mangonui
09 406 1688